Live Band Program

Are you ready to take your musical journey to the next level?

Our Rockology Live Band Classes are the ultimate supplement to your child’s musical journey. These sessions are open to Rockology students ages 8-20 who are able to play or sing a few songs on their instrument. You must have your primary teacher’s approval to participate.

The Rockology Live Band program includes 6 additional hours of music training each month with weekly 90 minute Rockology Band classes.

Learn in our Jam Room, a state of the art rehearsal studio fully equipped with full stage gear inside our school. Learn to work together with other musicians to create music in a real rock band. Play in our Rockology Shows for your friends and family. Play out in public with our Rockology All Stars Band.

Tuition is $69 per month for students already enrolled in our weekly private lessons.

Since Rockology is a new school, for a limited time we are accepting students into our Rockology Live Band program who already take music lessons but want to join our Live Band experience. Students interested in joining this way need to contact the school for a tryout. There is an additional charge for students not enrolled in our weekly lessons.


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