Rockology Music Academy Update

We are reserving lesson times for our music school Rockology Music Academy. You can learn guitar, bass, drums, piano or keyboards, vocals, ukulele, banjo or join our Live Band program. Please fill out the form on our website to be contacted by our friendly staff with more information.

Learn from industry professionals and seasoned instructors. All of our teachers have either university training; years of professional performance experience or both and can grow with you as you progress from beginner, intermediate to advanced levels. You’ll never have to worry about “out-growing your teacher”. We teach all styles of music including pop, country, blues, funk, jazz and rock. We offer Live Band classes to learn to play together with other musicians. Our programs are tailored to beginners, experts, and all stars from the ages of 4 through 18. We have a qualified team of instructors who will teach you the songs you want to learn.
We are dedicated to providing quality instruction customized to the needs and goals of all our students.